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Power generator characteristics

Technological advancement: Buffalo mobilepower system was first applied to the US military special scout system. Due toits superior power to weight ratio, it has been widely used in other areas ofthe United States.

Stability: good stability is not affectedby the speed of the prime mover, good inertia stability. There are fewer systemmodules and fewer connection interfaces.

Safety: No high-temperature heatingcomponents will not endanger personnel safety. No fuel tank is required andthere will be no fire.

Mobility: strong mobility, organiccombination with the vehicle, not limited by vehicle cabin space or carryingcapacity. It can be used whether the vehicle is moving or docked.

Weight: about one-sixth of the traditionalsystem, can be disassembled and overhauled.

Volume: about one eighth of the traditionalsystem, can be installed outside the car.

Noise: Low noise does not require noisereduction.

Use when the vehicle is traveling: Thevehicle is able to provide power at any time while driving on any road.

Power Correction: Output is not affected byaltitude, ambient temperature.

Installation requirements: No noise, novibration, no heat source, light weight and no cabin space. Therefore, theinstallation requirements are low.

Maintenance costs: Maintenance costs arelow, and only one belt is checked regularly.

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