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The permanent magnet generator has the following characteristics

Superior features

Due to the adoption of new rare earthpermanent magnet materials and motor optimization design technology, our powergeneration has advantages that are incomparable with traditional products:

1, a substantial reduction in volume, weightloss

Since the magnetic energy product (BH) ofthe high magnetic field permanent magnetic material used is larger than themagnetic energy product of the electric excitation coil, the permanent magneticmagnet occupies a smaller volume than the electric excitation coil in the caseof generating the same per-pole magnetic flux. Therefore, the size and weightof the permanent magnet generator is smaller than that of the conventionalelectric excitation generator.

2. High electromechanical efficiency andremarkable energy saving effect

Since the magnetic field of the permanentmagnet does not need to consume energy in the excitation process, the electricexcitation coil and the excitation auxiliary coil consume a large amount ofenergy in the excitation process, so the permanent magnet generator obviouslysaves energy compared with the electric excitation generator. The energy lossis reduced by more than one third compared to the electric excitationgenerator, the generator efficiency is increased by 10% - 15%, and the fuelconsumption is saved by about 20%.

3, voltage stability, low waveformdistortion, good power supply

Due to the use of finite element technologyto analyze the air-gap magnetic field distribution of the generator, and theoptimal design of the motor structure and windings, the generator can maintainthe voltage waveform distortion rate within 5% under various load conditions,and the power supply quality. Excellent.

4, the use of electronic automatic highpressure system, instant stability

The electronic auto-regulation system isindependent of the mechanical system of the generator. When the load and speedof the generator suddenly change, the system is not affected by the mechanicaltransition of the generator and the output voltage is adjusted to the ratedvalue.

5, Low temperature rise of motor, strongoverload capacity, suitable for working under harsh environment

The permanent magnets do not generate heatdue to excitation, and the harmonic components in the air gap magnetic fieldare very small. There is no need to install excitation auxiliary windings onthe stator of the generator, and the load on the stator current lines isgreatly reduced. All of the above factors can reduce the temperature rise ofthe motor.

6, no brush, simple structure, highreliability, long service life

Excitation system consists of permanentmagnets, no brushes and slip rings, no coils on the rotor, and no electroniccomponents. The permanent magnets and cores on the rotor are fixed into asingle steel body. The structure is very simple, and its reliability andLifetime is much better than conventional electric excitation generator

7. Basic elimination of tooth harmonics,low noise, minimal electromagnetic interference, and good electromagneticcompatibility

Through magnetic field analysis and optimaldesign, the higher harmonic components of the airgap magnetic field in thegenerator are reduced to a minimum, and in particular, the influence of thetooth harmonics is reduced to a negligible extent, so the electromagnetic noiseof the motor is greatly reduced, and the communication The interference ofequipment and electronic instruments becomes very small.


ZKZF system permanent magnet synchronousgenerator can be matched with the internal combustion engine to form agenerator set or adopt other supporting methods. It is used as the powergeneration equipment for airplanes, ships, submarines, vehicles, etc., and ismainly selected for the following occasions:

1. There are severe restrictions on thesize and weight of the generator. For example: airplanes, ships, submarines.

2. There are strict requirements forgenerator energy saving. For example: where fuel supply is difficult and enginepower is limited.

3. It is required that generators have highpower supply quality, small transient voltage fluctuations, good output voltagewaveforms, and low distortion rates. For example: as a power supply forhigh-precision electronic instruments and equipment.

4. There are severe restrictions on the electromagneticinterference generated by the generator. For example: As a communicationdevice, radar, high-precision control system power supply.

5, the occasion of the motor operatingenvironment is harsh. For example: high temperature operating environment andhigh engine speed, the output transmitted to the moment pulse vibrationsituation.

6. For generators with high reliability andlong service life. For example: as a power supply for military equipment.

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